December 06, 2017

At 2nd METU Philosophy Graduate Student Conference.

How can we be curious about a thing? How do we know what we were looking for is 'this object'? Ilhan Inan claims that in order to search/study a thing, we have to be able to represent the thing that we are curious of. This representation is done via an inostensible definite description. I, on the other hand, argue that if we do not know what we are looking for, then we cannot construct a definite description. We could 'miss-by-a-mile'. Therefore, our representation must be an inostensible indefinite description.

May 10, 2016

At 1st METU Philosophy Graduate Student Conference.

For Grice, speakers must speak 'properly', without creating ambiguities. He even provides us the necessary rules to do that. Sadly, the speakers ignore them. In this presentation, I delivered a set of rules to the audience of any conversation to decipher the ambiguous utterances of the speakers.

August 31, 2015

At British Logic Colloquium 2015, Cambridge University.

Oguz and I wanted to establish a set of rules in order to find the missing premise(s) of an argument so that we can (i) improve automated theorem provers; (ii) if we imagine a scientific hypothesis as an elaborated argument, figure out what is needed to reach the conclusion.

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