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As the recipient of the University of Connecticut's Provost's Teaching Excellence Award in 2019, my 11-year teaching journey has been rich and diverse, spanning three universities across four campuses, along with several summer sessions at Phillips Academy Andover. I bring a unique passion to teaching a variety of subjects, including Problems of Philosophy, Philosophy and Social Ethics, Logic, Neuropsychology, and Social Psychology. This breadth of expertise is reflected in my course evaluations, which consistently surpass the average by 0.5 points, reaching an impressive 4.53 overall. At Andover, my average is even higher at 4.82, and my Rate My Professor rating is 4.9 out of 5. With a commitment to continuous improvement and a goal to be among the world’s best instructors, I embrace every opportunity to enhance my teaching skills and knowledge.

Neuropsychology (Andover)

"I loved the college-level pace of the class. I often struggle to find challenging classes in high school and feel material is often reiterated and reviewed, or is only surface level. Here, we learned so much about the brain and the teacher was super knowledgeable and willing to answer and discuss any questions we had!"

Problems of Philosophy (UConn)

"Professor Ozercan is one of the best professors I've had here at UCONN. He is energetic, entertaining, and his interest in the subject really helps the students become interested as well. He would explain concepts in multiple ways, and consistently make sure that everyone understood what he teaches. I wouldn't change a thing about the way that Professor Ozercan taught this class it was great."

Philosophy and Social Ethics (UConn)

"He showed up to every class excited about our class discussions and the content we were going to be talking about and his passion seemed to have an everlasting effect on the group of students. The way he encouraged us to voice our opinions had a positive impact on our ability to learn and understand different perspectives that we may of been blind to before."

Problems of Philosophy (UConn)

"It is rare to feel so safe and not judged when you offer an incorrect answer, especially while stumbling to decipher the writings of men who lived many centuries ago."

Neuropsychology (Andover)

"... one of the best academic experiences I've ever had"

(TA) Philosophy & Logic (UConn)

"Overall, he was the best TA ever and I wish he could be my TA for every other class I take in the future."

(TA) Philosophy & Logic (UConn)

"Easily the best TA I've had during my six semesters at UConn!"

Social Psychology (Andover)

"I think it was the most interesting and enjoying class i've even taken"

Courses I Taught


Upcoming Session at Phillips Academy Andover (Summer School)

Previously taught 3 sections

This enthralling course delves into the complexities of the human brain and its connection to behavior and cognitive functions. Students embark on an intellectual journey exploring the neural mechanisms underlying emotions, memory, language, and perception. The curriculum integrates theoretical knowledge with practical insights, offering a comprehensive understanding of brain-behavior relationships. This course is a gateway to understanding the marvels of the human mind and its intricate workings.

Social Psychology

Upcoming Session at Phillips Academy Andover (Summer School)

Previously taught 1 session

A captivating exploration of how individuals' thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by the presence of others. This course offers a deep dive into concepts like social perception, group dynamics, conformity, persuasion, and interpersonal relationships. Students will engage with real-world examples, understanding how social psychology applies to everyday life and societal issues. It's a thrilling opportunity to uncover the mysteries of human social interactions and their impact on the broader social fabric.

Philosophy and Logic

Upcoming Session at University of Connecticut (Stamford)

Also TAed 2 sessions

This course is an intellectually stimulating exploration of the principles of logical reasoning within the context of philosophical thought. It trains students to construct and analyze arguments, fostering critical thinking and rational debate. The journey through various logical frameworks and philosophical perspectives enhances students’ ability to reason abstractly and argue effectively. This course is not just an academic endeavor but a tool for honing the mind to navigate complex ideas and theories.

Philosophy and Social Ethics

Current Session at University of Connecticut (Waterbury)

Also taught 5 more sessions

A dynamic course that examines the ethical dimensions of social issues through the lens of philosophical thought. Students engage with moral theories and apply them to contemporary social challenges, such as justice, AI related issues human rights, environmental ethics, and global inequality. This course encourages deep reflection on personal values and societal norms, empowering students to become ethically aware and socially responsible individuals. It's a profound exploration of the intersection between philosophy and the moral fabric of society.

Problems of Philosophy

Various Sessions at University of Connecticut (Waterbury, Hartford, Storrs)

Taught 5 sessions

This stimulating course takes students through a journey of philosophical inquiry, exploring pivotal problems that have intrigued thinkers like Berkeley, Kant, Marx, Socrates, and Plato. It delves into the nature of reality and perception, challenges the boundaries of human knowledge, and examines the foundations of ethical reasoning and social justice. Students will engage with the quest for truth and the complexities of moral and aesthetic judgments. This course is an intellectual adventure, prompting deep reflection on existence, knowledge, and the human condition.

History of Science

Taught 1 session at Bartin University

History of Science covers key scientific revolutions, the evolution of scientific theories, and the interplay between science and society. Students will explore the lives and works of groundbreaking scientists and how their discoveries reshaped our understanding of the world. The course also critically examines the cultural, philosophical, and political contexts that influenced scientific progress. It's a captivating exploration of how science has shaped, and been shaped by, the world around it.

Modern Logic I and II

TAed 2 sessions at Middle East Technical University

This course presents an in-depth and highly technical examination of advanced logic. While it begins with foundational aspects of propositional and predicate logic, the focus quickly shifts to more complex versions of these topics. Students will explore intricate structures and theorems within these logical systems, delving into advanced concepts like quantifiers, logical connectives, and modal operators. The course also covers formal proof techniques, set theory, and the study of consistency and completeness in logical systems. By mastering these advanced elements of modern logic, students gain a deep and nuanced understanding of formal reasoning, enhancing their capability to engage with complex logical problems.

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